By Dr. Carolina R. Duka

Edited by Hency Macapas

Diliman College officially welcomes the US Embassy’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Camp which was conducted from February 18 to March 18, 2019. This was made possible through the initiative of its Learning Action Cell (LAC) leader and college faculty member, Professor Jen Garalda. The MOOC focused on Content-Based Instruction to enhance the teaching abilities of our BS Elementary and Secondary Education students, preparing them as they soon teach in the academe right after graduation. Faculty and staff of Diliman College were also enrolled in the course to enhance their mode of instruction as they teach in the institution.

The MOOC in Content-Based Instruction (CBI) is designed for teachers who are already teaching – or are preparing soon to teach – content-based instruction. CBI is defined as instruction where the content (which could be math, history, science, etc.) is taught in a language that the students are still in the process of learning. CBI courses present teachers with the challenge of balancing the teaching of both language and content. The ideal way to strike this balance will differ, depending on the teaching context. This MOOC was designed to prepare participants for future decision-making and problem-solving in the area of CBI.

Recently, the participants completed the MOOC on Content-Based Instruction and were awarded their certificates of completion on the last day of the camp.

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