Together We Will Soar!

As Diliman College envisions its learners to become globally competitive and socially responsive professionals who value excellence, integrity and leadership…

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Learn the science behind the numbers in businesses and ace the CPA Board Exams.

Bachelor of Public Administration

Be an advocate of honesty and be a positive game changer in today’s political landscape.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Unleash your the power of your business mind and unlock entrepreneurial opportunities.

Bachelor of Physical Education

Make a move for a healthier community and inspire young minds to live a balanced life.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Immerse yourself into computer networks, cyberspace, and beyond.

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Inspire younger generations to aspire for a great future for himself and the society.

Bachelor of Secondary Education

Equip teenage learners with concepts necessary for their holistic development.

Soar with us!